Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Using A Storage Facility For Your Construction Business

Having a construction business means you'll likely need to have certain supplies stocked up for your projects. Using a storage facility can make it easy to keep all of your supplies in a central location without taking up too much space in your office. If you are considering renting a storage unit, here are a few ways you can organize your items and keep everything ready for your next big project.

Safety Gear Organization

Depending on the type of construction projects you work on, you may need a variety of safety gear and equipment for your crew. Organize your items so you can find exactly what you need for each project, and keep all of your containers labeled so your employees can quickly find what they need. Store goggles in a cabinet with doors that close. You can find cabinets designed specifically for goggles online or at a construction supply dealer. Hang reflective vests, T-shirts, and jackets in wardrobe boxes, and organize each box by size. For ventilators, face masks, and other smaller pieces of protective equipment, use plastic storage bins to keep them sorted and neatly tucked away. Dedicate one free-standing shelving unit to your safety gear, and situate it close to the door for easy access.

Construction Machinery Storage

If you plan on storing a forklift or other smaller piece of construction machinery, be sure to check with the storage facility about any restrictions it may have before you bring the equipment to the storage space. You may be required to drain all gasoline or other fluids from the equipment before storing it. Use a tarp to cover the seat for added protection against dust, and consider placing cardboard on the floor to soak up any fluids that might leak from the machinery over time.

Building Material Storage

For larger storage units, there may be enough room to store lumber, drywall, or other building materials. Be sure to place these items on sturdy storage racks or shelves that can support the weight of your building materials. You can find rolling racks that can accommodate sheets of drywall, which make it easy to unload these items onto your trucks for a construction project. Look for lumber racks made from heavy-duty steel, and be sure that they are properly secured before placing any pieces of wood on them. You may be able to get permission from the storage facility to anchor them to the walls, but you'll need to ask in advance. If you plan to store small pieces of hardware or fixture accessories, place these items in upright tool chests for easy organization.

A storage facility can provide a great way to keep your items stored away until your company is ready to begin its next big project. Use these ideas to keep your gear and building materials ready for whenever you need them. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Belmont Self Storage.