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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Addressing Common Pre-Employment Screening Questions

Hiring the right employees is important when it comes to maintaining the quality of your company's products or services. In order to ensure that you are hiring quality employees, you may opt to engage in pre-employment screening. This screening has the potential to become awkward if an applicant doesn't understand the process.

Here are three common questions that you might face when screening potential employees, and some tips for answering these questions effectively.

1. Why is screening necessary?

Since you are required by law to obtain the applicant's permission before completing a pre-employment screening, you may find that applicants are asking you why the screening process is necessary. When faced with this question it's always best to answer honestly.

Explain how the screening directly applies to the position the applicant is seeking, and be clear about the types of screening you will conduct (credit check, background check, etc.). Once a candidate is able to see the direct connection between the screening process and the job duties associated with the position they are seeking, they should be more willing to submit to pre-employment screening.

2. Is screening a violation of privacy?

It's reasonable for an applicant who has never been subjected to a pre-employment screening before to be nervous about having his or her privacy violated. It's important that you address questions about privacy in order to put the applicant's mind at ease.

Explain that your company follows a strict protocol so that only information relevant to the job the applicant is seeking will be uncovered. Knowing that the screening process is limited to specific types of information will help the applicant feel more at ease with pre-employment screening.

3. What does the background check involve?

Many applicants are unsure what the term background check means when it comes to pre-employment screening. You should carefully explain the full scope of the background check you intend to complete so that the applicant knows what he or she is consenting to.

A background check can include a peek into an applicant's criminal record, credit standing, and even social media activities. Being transparent about the types of information you will be seeking through pre-employment screening will help applicants feel more informed when providing their consent.

Being able to address some common questions pertaining to your company's employee screening process will help you establish better relationships with future employees as you look to add skilled individuals to your workforce.