Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

Hello and welcome to my blog on all topics related to business. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I am one of a few members of my family who have not yet started a business, though that doesn't mean I won't try in the future. My name is Stacy Pascal and I have spent years interrogating family members in order to find out everything I can about what it is like to run a business. I have decided to start blogging about business topics just for fun and so that I can hopefully help someone start and run a successful business.



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Wondering If Your Auto Insurance Is Too High? What You May Not Know Changes Your Rates

A lot of people aren't sure what factors contribute to the cost that you pay when you take out an auto insurance plan. There are a lot of different things that can alter what you have to pay, and it isn't just your driving record. If any of the following three things have changed for you since you first applied for your auto insurance policy, and you feel like you are paying too much, talk with your agent about the following things and to get other quotes.

Living or Employment Location

If you have moved recently into an area where there aren't as many traffic or auto accidents, or if you have taken a job that reduces the amount of traveling or commuting that you do, you want to talk about it with your provider. This means you spend less time on the road, or less time in traffic congestion, and you are less likely to get into an accident so you should receive a lower rate.

Credit Change

Your credit score is something that is evaluated when you apply for an auto insurance policy. If you have improved your credit rating since you last applied, lowered your debt to income ratio, or had a credit repair company help you with your credit, then you'll want to let your insurance provider know. This should save you some money and help you get offered competitive rates in the future.

Vehicle Improvements

If your vehicle has recently had a safety check, gotten a new security system, or had something that will improve the safety of your ride performed and changed mechanically, this may be something that you can get a discount for. Let the insurance company know your vehicle is safer because it has a new theft detection system, new anti-locks brakes and more.

There are a lot of different things that will affect the cost of your auto insurance, but you want to look beyond any moving violations that you have on your record, or past the age and model of your vehicle. Instead, talk with an insurance agent, like Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, about any of these things, and be sure that you are getting the most competitive rate that can be offered to you. There are a lot of people that just take the first offer that they get, or don't shop around, because they assume that all of the costs will be close and this isn't true. Make sure that you get competing quotes from multiple companies.