Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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How A Walk-In Tub Makes Your Bathroom More Senior-Friendly

If you're approaching your retirement years, you may be thinking of making changes to your home so it will be more senior-friendly as you age. Being able to function around your home could mean the difference between staying in your home and moving to an assisted living facility once you're elderly. Some things you can look into are installing a stair lift, installing an elevated toilet, removing trip hazards such as thresholds in doorways, and installing a walk-in shower and walk-in tub. A walk-in tub is of particular importance since bathing is something you will need to do daily. Here's why one of these could be a big help to you once you're in your golden years.

Traditional Bathtubs Pose Multiple Dangers

Since you may still be limber and active, you might not think about how much your mobility will change in the years to come. The act of stepping into the bathtub could become very dangerous. You might not step high enough, catch your toes, and then fall into the tub. Falling on hard porcelain can cause you to break a hip or shoulder. Even if you clear the tub, you might slip on the slick surface and lose your balance.

A hard fall in the tub could cause a head injury or other serious bodily harm. Even if you can get in the tub and sit down safely, getting out could be a problem when you have strength and mobility issues. Installing grab bars is one solution, but if a bar gives way, then you could have a bad fall. With all of these problems, you might be tempted to get rid of your bathtub and install a walk-in shower. While showers are nice for quick cleanups, nothing beats relaxing in a hot tub. That's where a walk-in tub comes in handy.

Walk-In Tubs Offer Safety And Therapeutic Value

A walk-in tub is much easier to enter. All you do is open the door and walk right in. When you sit down, it's like sitting in a chair so it is much easier to get out of a walk-in tub. Besides these benefits, one of these tubs offers therapeutic value. A long, hot bath is relaxing and that can improve your state of mind. A hot bath can also relieve muscle tension and help with back pain. Soaking in a hot bath might be helpful for your arthritis too. Plus, you'll be able to bathe while you're seated so you won't have to worry about slipping or getting weak from standing. A walk-in tub allows you to maintain your hygiene when a traditional tub or shower is unsafe for you to use.

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