Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

Hello and welcome to my blog on all topics related to business. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I am one of a few members of my family who have not yet started a business, though that doesn't mean I won't try in the future. My name is Stacy Pascal and I have spent years interrogating family members in order to find out everything I can about what it is like to run a business. I have decided to start blogging about business topics just for fun and so that I can hopefully help someone start and run a successful business.



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Don't Have Time, Money, or Space for a Cash Register at Your Gym? A Few Solutions

There are some universal truths about owning and operating a gym. One, nobody comes through the door wearing anything that has pockets. Two, cash is not a common currency anymore. And three, you cannot always catch gym members at the first of the month to get gym dues. Fourth, and finally, there really is no space for a cash register at a privately-owned gym. So, how do you manage the memberships and gym billing? The following solutions should work just fine.

Gym Billing Software

Since you already keep track of money coming in and money going out with software on your computer, why not use gym billing software, too? Many of these programs allow you to send payment reminders to your gym members so that they do not forget to pay their dues. The payment reminders may be in the form of emails, or you can print the bills and either hand them to gym members or mail them. The software also keeps track of who has paid and who has not, so that you can keep on top of the members that still owe for the month.

Auto Withdrawal Payment Systems

There are some gyms that offer their members a slight discount on their memberships when their members agree to auto withdrawal payment plans. The members sign a consent form with their debit card or checking account information on it. The signed form allows you to auto-bill and withdraw the money from their accounts on a specified date. It is a very easy and convenient process for both you and them.

Digital Payment Solutions and a Tablet or Smartphone

When there is no room for a reception desk or a counter for a cash register, give your staff a tablet and a digital payment app with its plug-in appliance. Your staff can swipe debit and credit cards and process instant payments on the spot. When these items are not in use, they can be kept in an office drawer, where their compact size will easily fit. 

Tap and Pay Access Post

Many famous theme parks currently use a "tap and pay" approach to gain entrance into their parks. This type of system enforces the payment and prepayment rules so that access is limited to what customers have paid for. You could easily install a similar station by the front door of your gym such that all your members would have to scan a key fob or bracelet as they enter. Those that owe monthly dues would have to pay them to gain entrance, because the fob or bracelet would deny access or alert you to their presence when they come in.