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Why Some Small Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

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Propane Delivery Options For Remote Homes

Propane is an effective energy source that is utilized with propane burning systems to provide heating, cooking, etc.   Propane is a fuel that is commonly used for barbeques.  Propane is created as a byproduct of the processing of natural gas coupled with the refining of petroleum. The form that propane takes is, in its refined state, gaseous in nature, but can through a compressing process be transformed into a liquid state.  Propane is a non-toxic fuel and therefore is environmentally safe.

Maintain Propane at Capacity

One of the most convenient propane delivery options for remote homes is through an automatic delivery service. This is a convenient way of having propane delivered because the propane company assumes the responsibility for ensuring that the home has an adequate supply of propane for their energy needs. This is important because regulations require that when a propane tank drops to a level of 20% or less of propane in the tank, a required leak check test is called for. By utilizing the automatic delivery, the company assumes this responsibility to ensure that 20% level or more is maintained and the propane needs of the customer are met.  Another benefit to opting in on the automatic delivery service is that there is generally a discount offered to the customer because of it being a regular delivery and use of their product.

Monitored by Smart Technology

Because of modern technology, propane tanks can be connected to a device, generally connected by a telephone line, that will notify the propane service company that a propane service call should be made.  Generally, this alert is made when the propane reaches a certain level of propane remaining in the tank.  The device is affixed to the propane tank and not only notifies the service company of the level of the propane utilized but also helps to track the usage of the propane. Therefore, when the alert is sent to the propane service business, a delivery is automatically scheduled so as to maintain the proper level of propane in the storage tank.  There may be an added charge to utilize the automatic notification delivery service.

As Needed

Another propane delivery option for remote homes is through the process of calling for delivery as needed. This may be a viable option for the customer if the customer's propane usage is minimal. Also, if the propane user is well organized and scheduled, they may find this option more in keeping with their propane needs.  If utilizing this service delivery option, it is important to remember that if an emergency delivery of propane is needed there may be an additional cost to the customer. Also, if you are utilizing this system, it is important to know how long it takes for the company to deliver the propane and whether this would put the level of propane below the required level which would then trigger a needed test for leakage.

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